Welcome To New York Dental Implants Open Day!

Next Open Day: Saturday 26th June 2021


What Is A Dental Implant Open Day?

An open day at New York Dental Implants is a day where we invite our patients who had underwent a dental implant surgery to talk about their experience with having dental implants. Also, for those who are thinking about having dental implants, it provides you with more information about the process and allows you time to speak to members of our and Dr. Charles.


We will be covering different topics such as:

  • Our patient’s lives before dental implants
  • How our patient’s lives have been transformed by dental implants
  • The opportunities our patients had gained after their surgery
  • The best way to take care of dental implants
  • Different methods of affordability


More importantly, the New York Dental Implants Open Day is a day where we celebrate our patients and the community in which we have been able to build through the incredible life changing procedure!

Why Schedule An Open Day Appointment?

5 Reasons Why You Need To Schedule An Open Day Appointment!

  1. We will attempt to bill MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE and MEDICARE for medically necessary oral surgery! This means that there is a chance your medical insurance will pay a PORTION of your treatment. 

  2. You will receive an OPEN DAY SPECIAL PRICING!
  3. You will get to personally sit down with Dr. Charles and all of his staff to ask any question and queries you have about dental implants!
  4. You will have an opportunity to speak to our patients who were in the staff situation as yourself to learn about their experience with dental implants.
  5. You will see that we are more than just a practice, but a community which you will be part of!

Previous Open Day Event

Dr. Charles and Mark

Dr. Kashi (Guest Speaker) and Bryan

Dr. Charles being prepared to speak!

[Patient] showing her new smile!

William K and Dr. Charles showing off their smiles!

Jessika and Charles

Dr. Charles explaining dental implants in a consultation on open day.

Dr. Charles greeting Cynthia at the door on our open day

New York Dental Implants team and Cynthia

Gifting our amazing patient, Deborah on her surgery anniversary!

Open Day Event Testimonials

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